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January 22nd, 2009 at 6:30 pm

I've set up a precompiled Maven Checkstyle Plugin with MCHECKSTYLE-91 fixed. Follow this link to download the plugin. Alternatively, you may put an appropriate plugin definition to your pom.xml.

December 28th, 2008 at 4:15 pm

During Christmas time, I digged into the internals of Checkstyle and the Maven Checkstyle plugin. Automated code review is a must for any serious software development project and, to my mind, nearly all of the standard rules provided by Checkstyle should be made mandatory in a way that violations break the build. But there is a difference between main and test sources. For example, there is no point in writing Javadocs on unit tests, and thus it's annoying to have Checkstyle constantly complaining about it.

Unfortunately, version 2.2 of the Maven Checkstyle plugin doesn't allow for applying different rules to main and test sources. So I started to write a patch that adds a new parameter testConfigLocation to the Checkstyle report generator.


In my spare time, I work on various Open Source projects, some of them hosted at SourceForge, some hosted here in a GIT repository.

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My name is Holger Joest. I'm a Software Architect and Consultant with more than ten years of experience in developing and furthering software products, ranging from requirements engineering, functional specification, and technical design up to customer roll-out and project consulting. I specialize in Master Data Management, Product Information Management, and Enterprise Application Integration. My technical skills cover a variety of programming languages, technologies, and frameworks of which the latter mostly reside in the Java/JEE/XML setting. Whenever possible, I prefer Linux/Unix to Windows. If you're interested in my bookmarks, you may take a look here.

Currently, I work for Pironet-NDH in Cologne, Germany. You can find out more about my career history on LinkedIn or Xing. However, this blog is not about work, but for own personal observations, reflections, and comments. My comments on this blog don't reflect on my employer's positions or strategies.

My hobbies include Programming (you guessed as much, didn't you?), Skiing, and Mountain Hiking.

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